How not others can influence you…

When you are looking for how to reach up to your desire, But some controversial thoughts by other's are stopping you at some point. Maybe they will not agree that you are right and doing great, that's because they always take different ways. But to be true you don't actually need to worry for that... Continue Reading →


Essential lesson for life

You do exist or not. Yes, you do exist for yourself but out there in the rest of the world no one knows you, no one will care about the person of this name after you.   If your life is full of ailments, then you have to find out the reason about, why is... Continue Reading →

How can i fly?

Usual roads, unsteady tribes Life already ruined those amazing nights Apparent conditions, don’t get high Don’t you get angry and why would you cry Could somebody tell me, how can I fly?   You know…!  I broke into pieces And it was a long time When river was normal, but altitude was high Those were... Continue Reading →


Hello world!, I have no experience as a blogger but still like to write things up from personal experiences; stories, inspirations, motivating thoughts, quotes, poetry, songs and some related to science and technology. This is my first blog, as i never publish any writeups online. I am 'Shubham Vishen' student of 'Mechanical Engineering'. As I'm... Continue Reading →

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