Hello world!,

I have no experience as a blogger but still like to write things up from personal experiences; stories, inspirations, motivating thoughts, quotes, poetry, songs and some related to science and technology. This is my first blog, as i never publish any writeups online. I am ‘Shubham Vishen’ student of ‘Mechanical Engineering’. As I’m also interested in my profession but writing is a part of my hobby.

The materials I’m providing can also be a reason why people can trust me, as motivational thoughts and personal experiences helps to grow ambitious people to know the world when we share our vision. Everyone has a different method to face the world and with their personal and social problems. I’m going to show you how it can be easier for everyone to face any problem of your life-like challenging levels of games. And to know the vast world we first learn to get to know the people, that’s my strategy by blogging. I’m expecting my blog will help my readers to think a bit differently than usual sights.

Blog on Science and Technology can help to enhance the knowledge for students who are focusing on same field, it can provide a straight path of that particular topic in short.

Also Poetry and quotes will take attention of some of those who are interested in art and entertainment. I am not a professional, but I will try my best to give you the best material I can.

I started blog because I wanted to create my ideas open for everyone and to face them by reader’s opinion, for which genuinely i need to learn. But i just started as a beginner now.

We can make discussion in comment in each blogs by ending up with a question.